Family Law

Family Law

Registering a Marriage in Thailand

The requisites and formalities of marriage registration in Thailand is dependent on the nationalities of the parties. Parties who desire to register their marriage in Thailand must comply with the conditions provided under the Thai Civil and Commercial Code.

Who are eligible to marry in Thailand:

  1. The contracting parties must not be less than seventeen (17) years old at the time of marriage.
  2. Each of the contracting party must not be mentally incapacitated or adjudged as incompetent.
  3. The contracting parties must not be of blood relations.
  4. Both parties must not have similar adoptive parents. Likewise, the adopter and the adoptee are prohibited to marry each other.
  5. Both parties, at the time of marriage, must not have an existing valid marriage.

The contracting parties must publicly declare before the Registrar their intention to marry by giving consent to take each other as husband and wife. With the public declaration, the marriage can now be recorded by the Registrar.

An application for registration of marriage in Thailand can be filed at any district office. Registration is a vital element because it is only then that the marriage can be made effective. Once the registration is completed, a Marriage Registration Certificate can be issued as evidence thereof.